Beginnings are very important. First impressions usually have a large impact on any relationship, which means we try very hard to start out on the right foot or even go out of our way to impress. I believe our first interactions make us the most vulnerable, yet also the most drawn in. We tend to hide our impurities and flaws from someone new. We not only cleanse our appearance, we make sure our living spaces are as immaculate as we can make them and we tell our friends and family to clean up their acts. In my experience, the “best” first impressions lead to the most doctored relationships. When you start by putting your best foot forward it can become harder and harder to let your other foot follow. You become stuck and the relationship can’t move along smoothly, which results in either an unequal relationship where one person feels slow or even trapped, or results in the termination of a relationship that was never given a proper chance. On the other hand, to me it seems that when we allow ourselves to slip up we can come across the best relationships.

How often do we allow ourselves mistakes? The picture above is one of the first I took with my camera, (after my photography class of course) and I can see all the mistakes I made. I could’ve focused my lens better, edited the photo, maybe cropped out the ripped leaf, to name a few. That doesn’t make the picture any less mine, and doesn’t take anything away from it. I took that picture with newly learned experience and that makes me proud. I think we should feel that way with everything we accomplish. Try making what you call mistakes into things that bring you joy. You invited a friend over, but forgot that your children were playing in the living room and now toys are everywhere? You met someone new but didn’t feel like you really clicked? You dropped one of your favorite dishes and now it has a chip or a crack? Feel free to stress, but first try remembering that your house looks lived in and makes your children happy, that you can try again, and that maybe your dish has a little more character now. Remembering the upsides and not just the downsides can help you to remember how great life really can be.

Obviously those were situations I imagined, but hopefully I wasn’t too cheesy and my first impression on you had a few mistakes you can laugh with me over. I’m learning to appreciate everything I do, whether I mess up or not.

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